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Las Vegas fun

LAS VEGAS - The city that fascinates every visitor. With us you find everything you need for your vacation in Las Vegas. As a German company on site we have made it our goal to give all our clients a personal and individual service.

Whether you are looking for a hotel room in one of the many famous mega-resorts to plan a trip to the area who want to marry the love of your life in Las Vegas (or renew as a surprise for your partner tied the knot ...), see a great show like "O" by Cirque de Soleil, or the plane or helicopter would like to experience the Grand Canyon, all this can be found here.
Las Vegas fun place for hollyday.
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Sahara Las Vegas Hotel

Sahara Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
In the area of The Strip, ideal for families - a center of Fitness Fully equipped
Hotel Class
Airport Nearby
Near the airport, this also skirts the tourist site of Guinness World Records Museum. The following attractions are also nearby: Thomas and Mack Center.

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Spa Fitness Fully equipped
Recreational facilities of the institution Sahara Las Vegas Hotel and Casino are the following: a whirlpool, a fitness center and outdoor pool in season. The hotel also offers a health club equipped with any form, a casino and a restaurant.

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Wireless Internet
The rooms are equipped with the following equipment: a cable TV, Internet access, broadband (cable) and charges and Internet access (surcharge), and the bathrooms are equipped with the following accessories: a set shower / tub and hairdryer.

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Las Vegas hotel

Las Vegas Hotel

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Las Vegas

City of Las Vegas (known only as "Vegas") is one of the most famous cities of the state of Nevada, as well as the United States.
Valid for the city of continuous entertainment and gambling. Originated 1905th year, and won the title of 1911th The most famous street in Vegas is Las Vegas Boulevard, known as the "Strip", long even 6.4 km. In this street is the largest number of casinos, hotels, clubs and restaurants. The first casino was built in this street is a casino Pair-o-Dice Club, which can be translated as a pair of dice or Eden Club.
According to estimates of Las Vegas 2006th The population is 552,539.

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cheap las vegas hotel rates

You do not have to be a fan of roulette or card-playing that you want a few days bezbrižnog stay in the capital bleštavoj cubes and entertainment. At 340 km ² Las Vegas, with almost two million inhabitants, the largest city of the Federal States of Nevada in the western mountain area of the United States. It is bordered by California, Arizona and Jutom, from which it divides the Colorado River canyon. History of Las Vegas, Sin City, as many call it, began in 1902 when the railway was built that connected the Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. After the great economic crisis in the U.S. (1929-1933.), During which many people lost their jobs, and the legalization of gambling 1931st year, Las Vegas became the capital of American entertainment.

Stars and gambling

After the Second World War, 1946, began building hotels and casinos, which has attracted investment tycoon, and entertainment stars like Frank Sinatra (1915-1998.), Singer and actor, which are often associated with the mafia. From the mid-fifties until the nineties was a frequent visitor to Las Vegas, not only as a singer in clubs, but also as a guest who likes nightlife, cube, alcohol and women. In his honor near the "Hotel Bellagio" approach is Frank Sinatra. Today, many stars from around the world come to this city that lives for fun, which annually attracts more than 39 million guests. Crazy as the Court staff 
 Las Vegas most famous attractions, the hotels. They are even 18 of 21 on the list is the largest in the world. Hotel "Luxor" was built in the shape of the black pyramid and has 4407 rooms. Hotel "Excalibur" has 4000 rooms, and resembles a medieval castle from the legend of King Arthur. Several floors dedicated to children's entertainment (excluding gambling!). This court acting crazy, held chivalry on horses, servants in the armor and fairy dresses and the guests feel like the fairy tale. Hotel "Venetian" is designed as a Venice in miniature, surrounded by pools, which separate parts of the channel, such as hotels.

Gondola true servants of the hotel will take you to a room. The hotel "Venetian," there is a museum Madame Tussaud, 17 different restaurants, shopping and more than 4,000 rooms and suites. In hotel "Paris" can stay with pedesetospratni Eiffel tower 138 m high, Statue of Liberty or the Elysian fields. Casino is located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and lift you to the top, where the French restaurant food. Eiffel Tower can look every day from 9.30 until 19:15 pm (ticket price is 600 dinars). The hotel has 2916 rooms with red velvet beds and Xabi chic furniture. Nights Price from 500 to 1950 dinars (

How was it used? 
 Hotel New York "takes you to the great apple. It replicas Empire State Building, Kipa freedom, Park Avenue, Times Square ... Rooms are small, decorated in Art Deco style, with black marble bathrooms and luxurious beds. Nights Price from 450 dinars per person. If you want to see Vegas from the beginning of his emergence, stroll the Fremont Street between Las Vegas Boulevara and 8 streets. It was the first paved street in Vegas (1925th) in which he was appointed the city's first traffic light. The first lift constructed in 1932. in the "Apache" hotel, also located in Fremont Street. When the 1931st in legalized gambling, a license is first obtained "Northern Club in Fremont Street, which still offers plenty of fun.

The club is free to watch stand-up comedian, listen to jazz and enjoy the dance performances.The price of 55 dinars, and you can eat shrimp cocktail.

History of Neon lights

Las Vegas Neon Museum has lights which saves the old neon signboards. Visitors can tour it for free at any time of day. Each of these signs has its own history, and some of them were the inspiration for movies. For example, in one episode of criminal series "CSI Las Vegas" investigators solve the case of the murdered woman in whose body was found neon letter "W" signs from the hotel "Showboat." There you will see neonskog chess knight in size six children, and neonskog billiards player whose hair is made of steel bars.

Cacti and chocolate 

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Besides entertainment, street 2 Cactus Garden Drive, in the town of Henderson, in a wider area is lasvegaskom Chocolate Factory Ethel's Chocolate Garden, where for free you can watch how things sweet snacks. In front it is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world, with more than 300 species of cacti that grow well in dry and desert climate. It is open from 8.30 am to 18 pm, and admission is free.

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LAs Vegas hotels

Las Vegas posted the most visited city in America, a tourist center. Some people think that Vegas cube and nothing more. In fact, it's not far from the truth, but a city that lives 24 hours a day 365 days a year is much more than that. The first mistake of tourists who come to Vegas to seek lux hotels - mistake. All hotels are LUX, but prices are very different. Error is because of all the time spent in Vegas, at least you'll be in your hotel. So accommodation is not so and important. Caesar Palace, Wynn, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, and are perhaps the best M.Bay No. 1 by me but by the price of throwing money. Believe it or any hotel in Vegas is probably the comic better than 99th 99% of hotels in Serbia. Offer should descriptions of these smaller hotels. Vegas environment itself is very colorful. Lake Mead netreba miss and Brane Houwer Dam, but personally for the people of Serbia this is gubljene time. The bre has a greater say in each of us, and the other forgotten you are in the wilderness. Secondly every hotel has some attraction, plays, etc. and if you arrive in 5-7 days you will not believe all the performances reach or to visit. Proposal performances in front of the hotel Tresure Island is a free beautiful is held several times each night, if weather conditions permit. mostly wind. Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay indescribably beautiful large aquarium. Mirage Secret gardnen pools with dolphins, a small Zoo bla bla nice to see. Leaf spot is the most beautiful Lake Las Vegas on the way to Lake Mead recalls the beautiful coastal town in little Italy. And if you have children with Circus Circus Adventure Dome - and nowhere more here. Also fans of skiing, if you're here from October to May mauntain Charlston few miles to skiing after the desert heat. And at the end personally Las Vegas No. 1, but if you want to see something really beautiful San Diego Zoo is the law of the largest in the world, all personal congratulations Vuk Bojovic, can not be compared, but personally BG zoo is beautiful, homely and yet now I can say pure 10 Each cast masters. SD Zoo is the biggest, best, but personally there is no soul, bus, clean miss. Enjoy nature, buses are the streets, not parks. Personally Wild Animal Park Escondido is similar to a zoo, but the grade 10, the wild, family, and that you are at the heart of Africa, if you do not miss the opportunity.Vegas Hotels The end of something most beautiful in the world that I saw, if you are family man like family entertainment place number 1 on the list of San Diego Sea World say they can not believe what you describe this experience - pampering dolphins splashing with them ORKAMA whale killers, face to face with whole aquatic world. Playing with the polar bear. If you have the opportunity to offer this in their offerings, and as the Vegas hotel any hotel in Malta comic you are not the same price advantage. Join Las Vegas hotels

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cheap hotels vegas

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